Silvia Schintke

Silvia Schintke, Professor, HEIG-VD, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

Silvia Schintke


Prof. Dr. Silvia Schintke is professor for Nano & Materials Engineering at HEIG-VD, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. Graduated in physics (TU Berlin, PhD Uni Lausanne), she has conducted several international projects in applied nanosciences and microtechnology.

With her R&D unit COMATEC-LANS, Laboratory of Applied NanoSciences (, at the Department of Industrial Technologies, School of Management and Engineering Vaud, S. Schintke uses advanced atomic force microscopy as well as tailored inkjet printing, coating and analysis techniques of functional materials & surfaces for applications in decorative & functional printing, smart packaging, biomedical materials, and photovoltaics. S.Schintke regularly acts as independent expert for the EC (FP7, H2020).

Invited talk:

Nano- and microstructure fabrication based on inkjet printing techniques: alternative routes for anti-counterfeit labels and master fabrication for polymer replication on nanoscale

Inkjet printing and nanoscale patterning techniques are used for the fabrication of nano- and microstructures. The developed techniques and processes serve as alternative routes for the development of anti-counterfeit labels using nanoparticle inks and inkjet printing for pattern generation and deposition control. Recent examples are presented which are of interest for inkjet based fabrication of the masters in polymer replication on nanoscale.