Scope of the conference

    The conference will address issues in large scale replication of micro- and nanostructures in polymer materials including:

    • Manufacturing of structured moulds, inserts or shims for polymer replication
    • Industrial replication technologies, injection moulding, roll-to-roll techniques and other innovative processes
    • Materials for replication of polymer micro- and nanostructures
    • Applications for functional micro- and nanostructured polymer surfaces
    • Metrology and characterisation of micro- and nanostructured polymer surfaces
    • Simulation and computing of different phenomena in micro- and nanoscale replication


    Dr. Nan Zhang

    Lecturer/Assistant Professor,
    220D, Engineering and Materials Science Centre,
    School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    University College Dublin,
    Belfield, Dublin 4,

    Tel: +35317161989
    15 SEPTEMBER 2019