Prof. Dr. Rafael Taboryski, DTU Nanolab

Rafael Taboryski received his PhD in physics from University of Copenhagen in 1992. His postdoctoral research was carried out at Cambridge University (UK) and at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen on electronic quantum phenomena. He joined DTU Physics in 1994 as assistant professor. In 2001 he left DTU for a R&D position in Sophion Bioscience, where he headed the development of a microfluidic platform for drug screening. In 2007 he came back to DTU, and is now full professor in “nanostructured polymer surfaces” at DTU Nanolab. His present research is concerned with micro- and nano-fabrication of functional surfaces on both semiconductor and polymer materials platforms. Explored functionalities range from optics, over wetting properties to microfluidics. RT’s publication record comprises 100+ peer-reviewed papers on nanofabrication.
23 JANUARY 2022